Case Inquiry

Access Levels

The security matrix defines ten access levels, which are mapped to eight different viewing capabilities depending on the case and document. The levels are detailed in the list below. When a user requests their account, they can specify what access level they believe is approprite for them, and as part of the approval process the Clerk's staff will confirm eligibility for the requested level. Some agencies and organizations will have their own administrator delegated as a "gatekeeper" who can approve and maintain user accounts for people from their orgnaization.

The ten access levels are:

  1. Judges, JA's, Court Personnel and Clerk's Staff
  2. State Attorney's Office
  3. Attorney of Record
  4. Party
  5. General Public (Registered Users)
  6. Anonymous Users
  7. General Government and Constitutional Officers
  8. Law Enforcement
  9. Attorney General, Department of Children and Family
  10. School Board

The eight viewing capabilities are:

  1. All but expunged cases
  2. All but expunged or sealed cases
  3. All but expunged, sealed or confidential cases
  4. Case Number, party names, dockets and non-confidential images
  5. Case Number, party names and dockets (but not images)
  6. Case Number and party names
  7. Case Number only
  8. No case information at all