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Viewing Your Account Details

Once you have logged in, a number of other command links become enabled on the command bar. One of these is "My Profile" which will display details of your account, and allow you to update certain parts.

To bring up your user profile page, click on the "My Profile" link on the command bar just below the header image.

Profile Link Location

Maintaining your Profile

Once the profile page is displayed, there are several options you have from here. Profile Page Image A number of these fields are not able to be changed by anyone except one of the site administrators, or if your organization has a local administrator, which we refer to as a "gatekeeper", to change the information that you are unable to alter you will need to contact one of those people. To update the information on the page, click on the "Edit User Profile" button.

When you have updated the information that you wish to change Updating User Information click on the "Save Changes" button. The fields that you are not able to change are greyed out. The "Cancel Edit" button will take you back to your profile page without any information being changed.

Once you have saved the changes, your profile will be displayed, showing the updated information Updated User Information and a confirmation status messange.