Case Inquiry

Viewing Case Details

Once you have selected a specific case to view, either by directly entering the case number, or selecting the case from a list of cases, the Case Details Page will be displayed. Case Details Page

Case Details Page Sections

There are six sections to the Case Details page; the amount of information displayed will depend on your access level and the case type.

Case Information

The top section of the display has a summary of the main case information; the Case number and style; case type, category, date filed, Judge, and status. As well, any special security flags associated with the case are show, along with the access level that is assigned to the person viewing it.

Party Information

Party Details Page The "Party Information" section lists all the parties to the case, including their connection to the case, name and address information, and any attorneys representing those parties.

Events and Documents

Case Hearings

Details of any hearings conducted for the case will be listed.

Payment History


For criminal cases, the charges brought against the defendant are listed.