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Change your Security Question and Answer

There is a security question and answer that is used if you wish to reset your password if you have forgotten what your password is. If you know your current password, and simply wish to change it to something else, you can use the Change your Password link on each screen. You will need to provide your current password, as well as the new password that you wish to have it changed to in order to change your password. On the other hand, if you have forgotten your current password, the I've forgotten my password! link on the login screen allows you to request a new password for your account. However, to give some level of security to this process, each account has a security question and answer that is set up when you create your account. Unlike some other websites, we don't make you select from one of a choice of questions; rather, you can enter your own question and the correct answer to that question. When you ask for your password to be reset, the system will present you with this question, and you will need to enter the original answer that you provided when your account was created.

Now, if you wish to change your security question and/or answer, you can do this from the My Profile screen.

The first step is to click the "Change Sec Q" button on the "My Profile" page. My Profile Page This will display the change question and answer section on the web page.

Enter your current password, and change the security question if you wish, and enter the new answer. My Profile Page Click on the "Change" button to make the change, or the "Cancel" button if you do not wish to make changes at this stage. You will need to enter a value into all three fields; and the password must match your current password.