Case Inquiry

Paging through Result Lists

Quite often, a search will return a large number of results; either party names, cases, documents, or other items. To make it easier and faster to view these items, the system breaks the list down into smaller "pages" as shown in the screen capture below. List Pages There are several areas in the webpage that you can use to control the pagination of the data.

Controlling the Paging Function

On the above screen image, there are several highlighted areas that you may wish to note. First, the total number of entries in the list that have been returned; in the example shown, there are a total of 522 cases for the particular attorney in the list. Secondly, the system is set to show 10 entries per page; you may change the page size by clicking on the down arrow next to the size, and selecting the value that you perfer. Your choice will be saved in a cookie and used on all subsequent pages.

At the bottom of the list is a sequence of page numbers, to view any particular page just click on that page number. The ">>" symbol will take you to the last page in the list; if you aren't viewing the first page, a "<<" symbol will appear at the begining of the list to go to the first page. Finally, underneat the page numbers is a message showing which page you are currently viewing.