Case Inquiry

List of Cases for a Party

Once you have selected a particular party, a list of cases involving that party is shown. List of Party Cases You can filter the list by case status (showing only closed cases, or open cases), or by the filed date. You can also change the order in which the cases are listed. If you change an of the filtering or sorting options, you will need to click on the "Search Again" button to repopulate the result list.

Accessing Individual Cases

The leftmost column of the list has an icon that indicates the ability to view the case. Not that some cases are what is called "View on Request". which means the case will not be made available for general viewing until the Clerk has ascertained that all confidential information has been redacted from documents filed in the case. These cases are indicated with the padlock icon. A case that is a VOR case may already have a request in process, or it may have been reviewed by the Clerk, and now be viewable by the public. Other cases may be confidential, or sealed by court order, and are not able to be viewed by you.

To view any specific case, click on the case number hyperlink.