Case Inquiry

Searching for Cases

The main screen of the site is where you can search for cases. The screen offers several options; either by a case number, a party or business name, or the bar number of name of an attorney on that case. Search Page Image You can also get to the search screen from anywhere in the system by clicking on the "Case Search" entry in the Search Menu on the left hand side of the page. If you are logged in, you will also have a "My Cases" menu entry. This will show a list of cases that you are a party to, or (if you are an attorney with your bar number registered on the site) a list of cases where you are an attorney representing any of the parties to that case.

Search Options

The "Search For Cases" section of the main page has four parts; the three different search options, and a part where you can restrict the cases returned by certain criteria. Search Page Image Each section has a title (in bold) on the left, then an area to enter your search criteria and it's own blue "Search" button on the right hand side. You need to click on the particular button that relates to the type of search you wish to undertake.

Case Number

If you know the case number that you are looking for, you can use the "Search by Case Number" option. Select the year and case type fromteh drop downs, then enter the case sequence nunber, and click on the "Search" button to the right of the case number field.

Search by Party

You can get a list of all cases that a particular person is involved in either by their internal Party ID, or by their name. You can use "Wild Cards" wiehn specifying names, so, for example, using a first name of "M*" will match any name starting with the letter "M". The three text entry fields for the party name are First Name, Middle Name and Last Name respectively. If you are looking for a business or organization name, enter that in the "Business Name" field; you can use a wild card character (*) here as well.

Search by Attorney

You can get a list of cases for which a particular attorney is appearing by either entering their bar number, or their name, and clicking on the "Search" button next to the attorney name fields. Just like the party name; the three text entry fields are for First, Middle and Last names respectively, and you can use the wild card character if you are unsure of the exact spelling of the name.